Thursday, June 28, 2012

Part of my life

When i was in high school i did a few design as an amateur designer, it wasn't great but it's part of my life.I found some picture of my "past" designs. 

Here is some pictures that i could find , since i haven't took any documentation that time so it's so limited. I did the design for a ballet show in surabaya, they called Elles School of Ballet, i forget the tittle of the show. But this is great because i got my first flowers bucket as a designer in this show. :D
I did the design for the whole beautiful ladies

i design for the girl inside the castle

Here is picture when i did my second show at high school. I designed a costume the title is "Forest Fairy". The model is my own class mate her name is Made Tirsa she is balinese . I'm so thanked to her since she helped me . I'm still keeping the costume as part of my memory . :D

My Forest Fairy :)

Forest fairy

Me and my friends, on the right is my design :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Endorsement for Miss UPH Scholar 2012

We did our first endorsement for MUS 2012. We made few beautiful gown for the young princesses in UPH Jakarta. Some picture from the glamorous night.

Our logo at their catalog and banner
The Princesses wear our long gown

Our fave gown

They answering the question smartly

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Custom made for Customers a.k.a Made by Request

Our Work to satisfied our customer's need in fashion. Some of them are daily wear outfit for customers to fill their daily need's fashion , and the others are special made request for their special moment. We made every single details  with passion and love from our "little workshop"

Green Hornet Cocktail Dress

Daily Wear Lady Vintage Dress

Detail Payet Kebaya Modern

Kebaya Modern (depan)
Kebaya Modern (belakang)

Trench Coat for Windy Day

Long Gown

Long gown detail

Potion Pink number 11 Cocktail Dress

Modern Kebaya Gown
Little Batik Dress for Little Girl


Collaboration work with Indonesian photographer  Michael Cools

Collaboration work with Indonesian photographer Kevin Aulia for his portfolio "I TRY TO STAY IN THE SHADE"

Collaboration work with Indonesian photographer  Michael Cools, Great Indonesian fashion stylish Alia Husin , and Indonesian Super model ADVINA