Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Primo Passo 1st Collection

This is the first collection of my pret a porte line, PRIMO PASSO which means first step in english. This is my first step entering ready to wear world in Indonesia.
 The inspiration is the independent woman who loved their culture but they don't want to look like a indigenous woman. 
All of them are ready to be sent to your home anywhere you are, just let me know if you love them. I would so happy if you don't mind to give any suggestion. Some of them come into many different color , you can visit my page on facebook for the complete catalog. 

just go to:

Here is our collection


Wardrobe by PRIMO PASSO
Photo by Michael Cools
asst by Kevin Aulia
MUA Philip Karunia
Model : Ksenia @Damn inc

Saturday, March 17, 2012


This collection actually was made in 2010 on the first year of my study in RAFFLES JAKARTA. This is my first mini collection, they already shown on fashion show twice :D . The first one was in Grand Indonesia Jakarta and the second one is a gift from God because they chosen for collaboration work with THE BODY SHOP so they could be shown on JAKARTA FASHION WEEK 2010 on behalf of my school and TBS ;)

The photo-shoot just done in 2012 when i just graduated for my personal portfolio, here i share them to all of you . they are my first master piece actually.