Thursday, June 28, 2012

Part of my life

When i was in high school i did a few design as an amateur designer, it wasn't great but it's part of my life.I found some picture of my "past" designs. 

Here is some pictures that i could find , since i haven't took any documentation that time so it's so limited. I did the design for a ballet show in surabaya, they called Elles School of Ballet, i forget the tittle of the show. But this is great because i got my first flowers bucket as a designer in this show. :D
I did the design for the whole beautiful ladies

i design for the girl inside the castle

Here is picture when i did my second show at high school. I designed a costume the title is "Forest Fairy". The model is my own class mate her name is Made Tirsa she is balinese . I'm so thanked to her since she helped me . I'm still keeping the costume as part of my memory . :D

My Forest Fairy :)

Forest fairy

Me and my friends, on the right is my design :)

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